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Daria Obratov

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I’m Daria Obratov, Bachelor of Sport Science, PyeongChang 2018 Olympian and former athlete & member of Dutch National Luge team.


You don’t have to be an athlete to excercise and have a healthy and happy life filled with physical activity and I’m here to prove it to you!


I want to use my experience as an professional athlete to help people fall in love with their bodies and to love every workout so much that they crave more of it with each day!


We are all individuals, every single person, every client is unique and should have an individual approach and program designed perfectly for them and that’s my main focus in my work as a PT. My goal is to get to know each client, learn about their health, their goals and possibilities, everything that motivates them and everything they wish to accomplish.


As an Olympian I learned how much important it is to have harmony with both physical and mental health. In my work as a PT I’ll pay special attention that my clients take care and keep the right balance of their physical & mental health.


To be able to get up & get moving is a gift that too many take for granted but let’s start celebrating that and celebrating you everyday! If you are ready to be happy, healthy and fit join me because I promise you I’m the right fit for you!


  • 2018 Winter Olympian
  • Ex Professional Luge Athlete
  • Strength & conditioning PT of professional lugers & Olympians (members of foreign national teams), specially designed their 4 year training program in preparation for Olympic games.


Other sports

  • 2015 Croatian National Weightlifting Champion & Record holder in disciplines (snatch, clean & jerk).
  • PT of weightlifting & powerlifting athletes.
  • Member of Croatian Junior National Handball Team.
  • PT of senior and junior handball athletes.


As an former athlete I’ve learned that trainings can be of different focus, sometimes athletes must gain or lose weight, boost endurance, upgrade their technique or become more explosive and etc.

Working as a PT of athletes from many sports, especially sports that I’ve personally done (luge, weightlifting, handball…) I’ve gained high experience and knowledge in all those areas.


I’ve attended many special courses on  University of Kinesiology where I’ve learned about new training programs and new ways of boosting athletes performance.

  • Bachelor of sport science (Human movement)
  • Currently working on my master degree in Sport Science
  • Wrote research papers :
  1. The importance of injury prevention programs in Olympic luge.
  2. Effects of follicular versus luteal phase based strength training.
  3. Mental strength and stability of professional athletes
  • Attended University special classes and seminar : Strenght training of Army forces, Kinesitherapy, Blood flow restriction (BFR), Kettlebell, HIIT, Tabata, Injurie prevention programs, Nutrition programs for athletes, Course of contemporary training programs, Athletes psychology seminar.
  • Female full body training according to hormon level, Strenght and conditioning programs for volleyball, handball, football, futsall, winter sports, athletics, Children programs( pedagogy),  Development of motor skills, Diagnostic of athletes body, HIRT(high intensity resistance training), Functional trainings, weightlifting/powerlifting.