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– Fitness, getting in shape, weightloss, rehabilitation, performance improving are actually easy goals if you’re really enjoying the process, and I’ll help you make that happen!

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I’m Marco from Italy and I’ve been working in fitness field for about 5 years. I do what I do with the smile and with a positive approach. I always loved working as a Personal Trainer because I feel accomplished making someone achieve their goals and feel better. I’m just following my passion: help people to improve their body, their lifestyle and their confidence making them enjoy the process. I’m a very active and sporty guy because I’m always having fun in training and I consider it as an exciting and productive time investment. What I do with my customers is the same: making them feel that what is going on is something both good for the body and satisfying for the mind.

Personal Trainer previous experience working in a PT centre: taking care of people that wanted to get fitter, gain muscle mass, get leaner, rehab, imrove perfomance and motor skills or just felling better.
Gym trainer: coaching and making fitness programs
Crossfit Instructor in an affiliate Crossfit Box: taking Crossfit classes
Currently competitor Crossfit athlete. Ex track and field athlete. Runner, biker, climber and snowboarder.
Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Science. (Department of Biomedical Science – School of Medicine and Surgery, University of Study of Padua)